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SCP: 5K review

Transporting players into the deeply unsettling universe of the SCP Foundation, 'SCP: 5K' is an early access tactical horror shooter that proves engaging, if a bit rough, around the edges. Crafted onto the existing foundation of SCP-5000 canon by Anthony "Tanhony" Shaklady, the game weaves an intricate tale of a fireteam pitted against the influential SCP Foundation. Let's delve into what makes this game tick.

An Engaging Story

'SCP: 5K' brings players into a semi-linear narrative that leaps straight out of the SCP-5000 pages. As members of a fire team that dares to defy the SCP Foundation, players are presented with a narrative offering 1-2 hours of story content in its prototype state. The developers promise ongoing updates to bolster content and polish, making the overall experience richer and more fulfilling.

A Thrilling Array of SCP Encounters

Featuring a legion of SCPs currently operational, 'SCP: 5K' keeps the horror intensifying. The project features anomalous entities like SCP-173-B The Sculpture, SCP-7528 The Projection, and SCP-840 Drain Feeder, each serving as chilling reminders of the SCP Foundation's terrifying existence. Each encounter requires strategic planning, clever tactics, and bravery in the face of the unknown.

A Tactical Experience Mixed with Horror

One of the gems of 'SCP: 5K' itself is its immersive tactical response. It boasts detailed weapon customization, uncertain corner peeks, and strategic door breaches that enhance the overall feel of the game. Its adaptability to the player's actions, strategies, and decisions makes the player's engagement with the universe unnervingly real.

Sublime Graphics and Sound Design

'SCP: 5K' excels in delivering a captivating visual and auditory presentation. With support for NVIDIA® DLSS, NVIDIA® NIS, and AMD® FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), it provides an enhanced visual experience for PC players. Equally impressive is the game's audio design, which utilizes occlusion-based wall muffling, immersing you further into its terrifying universe.


While 'SCP: 5K' shows remarkable promise in its early access release, it isn't without its drawbacks. The game is still in development, which means players will likely encounter an array of stability issues and bugs. Nevertheless, its engaging story, eerie SCP encounters, meticulous tactical combat, and captivating visual-audio design serve as thrilling previews of what the game has in store.


  • A semi-linear story full of intrigue and based on the popular SCP-5000 canon
  • Spectacular visual presentation and sound design
  • Immersive tactical combat experience.


  • Still in the development phase
  • expected bugs and stability issues
  • Limited story content in the current state.

Graphics 6

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 7

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