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Among Us review

Among Us is a phenomenally popular multiplayer online game that’s based on the classic mechanic of the Mafia party game. You can be randomly assigned a crew member or an impostor and try to trick or persuade everyone to believe you. Otherwise, the team throws you out of the ship. Let’s take a closer look at this game’s features.


Among Us stands out as a unique sensation in the gaming world, having soared to massive popularity with its gameplay that centers around a text-based communication system! Each session tasks players with either maintaining a spaceship through various straightforward timed objectives or, as an impostor, stealthily eliminating fellow crew members without raising suspicion. It's common for crewmates to discover bodies promptly. As an earnest crew member, your duty includes calling the whole team together for an emergency meeting to deduce the identity of the deceitful impostor. This task can be less challenging if you've spotted the impostor in the vicinity of the fallen crewmate, but the real challenge lies in convincing the rest that your accusation is credible and not a ploy to remove an innocent crewmate from the game.

For those cast in the role of the impostor, the game demands a convincing facade of integrity to avoid detection and sow confusion within the crew. Success for the impostor means outwitting the entire crew without getting caught. In larger games consisting of 10 players, you may find camaraderie with other impostors, as you work in covert teams of two or more. However, the game truly shines when played with just 1-2 impostors, making for a more thrilling and suspenseful match.


The whole game looks totally the same on all platforms. It’s a 2D top-down game with cartoony characters and environment. Of course, it’s not about graphics, but the style is highly memorable. You will also enjoy the soundscape. Although it consists of several simple sounds, they add up a lot to the atmosphere and make the whole game more immersive and recognizable.

Play Repeat

Although a match lasts just around 10-15 minutes with the max player count, statistics show that players rarely leave the game after a single match. Most players stay for 1-2 hours, especially if they play with a team of friends. However, game is too repetitive when it comes to quests. This is a vague opinion as the main gameplay part revolves around chatting. You can just like it or not.


If you play the game on a computer, smartphone, or Nintendo Switch, you can utilize the physical or touchscreen keyboard. However, if you are playing on Xbox One or Series X/S, you may face difficulties with typing messages using a gamepad. I recommend you connect a keyboard if you want to be quick enough or use voice input.


Among Us is a phenomenal success of InnerSloth studio. After 2 years of low user count, the game managed to reach millions of players and generate immense income. All due to the high-interest rate of popular gaming influencers and their overwhelmingly well reviews.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 8

Replay Value 10

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