Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 17 September 2013 and on the PC on 14 April 2015.


The gameplay of GTA V focuses around three protagonists who are trying to find and kill each other, while also trying to stay alive. The player can swap between the three protagonists at any time. The game is generated by a series of missions that the player must complete. The player can choose to do these missions alone, or have a friend or family member join in the game via online or local co-op.

The game is open world, and the player can explore the game's world as they see fit. The world is made up of three main sections: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Los Santos is a fictional city based on LA, San Fierro is a fictional city based on San Francisco and Las Venturas is a fictional city based on Las Vegas.

The gameplay consists of many elements, such as the single-player story, the online multiplayer and the activities in the game. The single-player story is made of three playable protagonists, each with their own set of skills and motives. It also features three different styles of gameplay, one for each protagonist. The character switching allows the player to take full advantage of the game's open-world environment. The online multiplayer offers players the chance to cooperate or compete with the other players. The activities are the side missions in the game.


Grand Theft Auto V's visuals are heavily improved from the previous games in the series. The game has a very detailed and large world, with many details in the world. The environment is destructible, and there are many ways for the player to interact with the environment. The game also has many small details, such as dust particles, light reflections and footprints in the sand. The graphics in Grand Theft Auto V are really well done. The game offers a multitude of landscapes, from the mountains to the beach. The game engine is impressive and the graphics are not outdated, as it is one of the few games that can run on only one graphics card.


Grand Theft Auto V has a high replayability factor, and it is not possible to complete the game in one playthrough. There are many different ways to do missions, and the player may explore the world to find hidden items and collectibles. Grand Theft Auto V is a game that is very replayable. There are three protagonists, with the opportunity to switch between them at any time. This game also has a lot of side activities to take advantage of.


Grand Theft Auto V is a very good game that I recommend to everyone. It is open world and can be used to explore the world, or to drive fast cars and shoot people. It has a lot of activities for the player to take advantage of, and it is very replayable. It has a very good story, and the character switching is very good. The graphics are amazing. The game is violent and it has an M rating, so it is not appropriate for children.


  • The game is very interactive
  • It is possible for the player to free roam the world and explore to their heart's content
  • It is possible to attack other players if they are in online mode
  • It is possible to drive a number of different vehicles


  • The game is violent
  • It is possible to shoot and kill people, and the game has a large number of weapons for the player to use
  • The game has an M rating, and it is not appropriate for all audiences

Graphics 10

Gameplay 9

Controls 10

Replay Value 9

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