Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), developed by Rockstar, is a stellar jewel in the realm of action-adventure video games. Available on various platforms, this title is the latest iteration in the long-standing, popular Grand Theft Auto series known for its blend of storytelling and open-world exploration.

City of Sin

Set within the infamous, crime-riddled city of Los Santos, players navigate the deranged world of three protagonists: retired bank robber Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton - street gangster, and drug dealer-turned-psycho Trevor Philips. Each character lends a unique perspective, immersing players in a variety of lifestyles within the criminal underworld. Primarily, GTA V features open-world exploration, mission-based gameplay, and online multiplayer, encapsulating action-adventure, racing, third-person shooting, and RPG elements.

Criminal Mastermind

GTA V's mechanics revolve around a fusion of story missions, heists, car chases, on-foot exploration, and open-world activities. Its control systems adeptly transfer between driving and on-foot mechanics. Difficulty scales with progression, offering a consistent challenge while ensuring accessibility with its comprehensive tutorial and player feedback system.

Scenic Crime

GTA V's graphical fidelity, from character designs to the sprawling cityscape, is commendable. Its visually stunning, dynamic world is tailor-made for exploration, embracing a realistic aesthetic with animated detail to NPCs and environments. Solid visual effects like dynamic lighting and weather changes significantly boost the gameplay experience.

Radio Ga Ga

Sound effects in GTA V are meticulously appropriate, enriching action sequences and tying in seamlessly with the on-screen movements. Its diversified soundtrack, featuring an array of radio stations, accentuates the game's immersive atmosphere. Exceptional voice acting adds depth to the characters and their respective plotlines.

Worn Stories

The narrative focuses on the contrasting lifestyles and ambitions of the three protagonists, each of which is uniquely relatable with well-designed character arcs. The narrative's impact on the gameplay is profound, with each story's mission progressing individual plotlines and stirring varied emotions among players.

Multiplayer Features

An extension of the single-player world, GTA Online flaunts a vibrant multiplayer platform. Offering numerous co-op missions, competitive modes, and player interactions, the online community adduces a whole new level to the game.

Never Enough

The game’s length is comprehensive, boasting a substantial main plot and numerous side quests. In-game rewards are fairly balanced, and the vast open world, along with the online multiplayer, provides immense replay value.

Running the Streets

GTA V delivers smooth performance across platforms despite the high-end graphical demands and complex physics simulations. Occasional minor bugs may occur, but they're generally swiftly resolved via updates and patches.

An Epic of Crime

The game's strength lies in the detailed narrative, beautifully designed world, comprehensive gameplay, and deep multiplayer experience. The presence of occasional bugs is a minor drawback. A solid 9 out of 10 rating encapsulates its offerings. Fans of action-adventure games, particularly those seeking a broad narrative, would find their cravings satiated.

Citizen or Criminal

Given its intriguing narrative, engaging gameplay mechanisms, and high replayability, purchasing GTA V is indeed a worthwhile investment. While comparisons can be drawn with games like Watch Dogs and Mafia series for their focus on criminal activities within a city environment, GTA V stands out for its narrative depth, open-world design, and seamless multiplayer integration.


  • Detailed and immersive narrative
  • Extensive open-world exploration
  • Highly engaging gameplay mechanisms
  • Deep multiplayer experience
  • High replayability factor.


  • Occasional minor bugs
  • High-end system requirements for optimal graphical output

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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