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Palworld review

Navigating through the dynamic and enigmatic terrain of Palworld, one is thrust into a realm where survival and crafting intersect with a bizarre twist of monster-taming allure. This Early Access phenomenon on Steam has captured the attention of many, blending familiar survival mechanics with an anime-inspired companion system that challenges the norms of traditional gaming genres.

Delving into the World of Survival and Crafting

Setting foot into Palworld, you find yourself in a survivalist's scenario—armed with nothing but your wits, tasked to acquire resources by dismantling nature's offerings to construct your essential tools and base. Yet, this game deviates from its peers with a unique feature: adorable anime creatures, known as "Pals," which you can domesticate and utilize in your endeavors. True to its core, the game adheres to the survival-crafting principles, albeit with an eccentric twist.

The Elusive Promise of Firepower

Palworld tantalizes with the promise of combat readiness, marketing itself with imagery of advanced artillery. However, the reality is a slow grind, as crafting a rudimentary weapon requires significant progression, leaving players to focus on the basics for an extended period. It's a stark reminder of the game's true nature, deep within the crafting and leveling system.

Catching and Commanding Pals

Catching Pals is straightforward—wear them down and capture them with a sphere. However, once enlisted, these creatures have a mind of their own. They may often act unpredictably, complicating your strategic planning in combat and resource gathering. Amidst the automated assistance they provide, their behavior can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help.

Building a Self-Sustaining Community

The automated systems shine when it comes to base management. Watching your Pals industriously take on tasks like farming and resource gathering creates a rewarding spectacle of efficiency. It allows for a hands-off approach, freeing you to explore without micromanaging every detail.

Navigating the Jarring Juxtaposition

Palworld presents a peculiar dichotomy, with its cutesy monster-catching charm clashing with elements reminiscent of gritty survival titles. This tonal inconsistency is jarring, with the game seemingly oblivious to the oddity it presents. It's a curious blend of innocence and survival pragmatism that provokes thought and, at times, discomfort.

The Intriguing Anomaly that is Palworld

Palworld is an amalgam of genres that somehow works despite its oddities. Its success lies in its ability to entertain, whether through intentional design or sheer eccentricity. While its quirks may eventually wear thin for some, the game's potential evolution through Early Access promises more refined experiences ahead.


  • Engaging combination of survival, crafting, and monster-taming gameplay
  • An extensive and dynamic tech tree with a vast array of items to craft
  • The automation of Pals adds depth to base management and resource gathering
  • The unique tonal blend provides a fresh if somewhat unconventional, gaming experience


  • Slow progression to advanced weaponry and crafting options can feel cumbersome
  • Pals' unpredictable AI can disrupt gameplay strategies
  • The game's world lacks sufficient motivation and context for exploration
  • The tonal mismatch might not appeal to all players and could benefit from more balanced execution

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 7

Replay Value 9

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