About Us

It’s true to say that our world is huge, but is it bigger than virtual worlds combined? Hardly! Here at dipnahorra.com, we build one more world to explore gaming universes and the entire industry with a team of like-minds and share our findings with you, who’s reading this right now, and other geeky people worldwide. Why is it so exciting for us? We all love playing here! We gathered to play together, discuss our experience from different angles, and share happiness with readers. Do you like how we do it? Share our articles and reviews with your friends then! 

On our website, you can find all the latest news about games, game development, announcements, new releases, and hundreds of detailed expert reviews of the worthiest titles out there. 

And did you know that we have 3 strict rules on Dipnahorra? Actually, these are the only rules we have! First, every author who writes for the website must double-check every fact to avoid misleading. Second, all the news must be written, polished, and published as quickly as possible so that our readers can read fresh headlines every morning and evening. Third, and probably the most complex, every author must play a game at least 15 hours to achieve the right to write a review. Due to these rules, our platform is always full of new high-quality stuff and exciting to explore!

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