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Phasmophobia review

Phasmophobia plunges players into the depths of psychological horror as they assume the roles of paranormal investigators. This cooperative game strikes a balance between suspense and teamwork as players explore haunted venues. The real question is: does "Phasmophobia" offer a ghost hunt worth embarking on, or should it be buried in the game graveyard? Read on for an eerie insight into the world of virtual ghost-hunting.

Gameplay Mechanics: A Symphony of Shivers

Phasmophobia's gameplay is the backbone of its immersive experience. The four-player co-op mode demands strategic collaboration and nerve-wracking exploration. As investigators, players search for evidence of paranormal activity with an array of typical ghost-hunting tools such as Night Vision Cameras, EMF Readers, Spirit Boxes. Their goal is to gather proof for a ghost removal team, with each piece of evidence inching them closer to the truth as their sanity is tested to its limits.

The variety of ghosts in "Phasmophobia" is worthy of commendation. With over 20 unique types, each with distinctive traits and abilities, no two investigations feel quite the same. This ensures freshness to each gameplay session, with late-night gaming marathons spent in haunted locales providing endless surprise encounters. The game's replayability gets a significant boost through the unpredictable nature of the spectral entities that players seek.

Immersive Experience: Close to Reality

"Phasmophobia" grips players with its realistic and finely-tuned audio-visuals that elevate the creepy atmosphere. The minimalistic UI further enhances the immersion, ensuring that the screen isn't cluttered and players' attention is maintained on their spooky surroundings. The full voice recognition system adds a layer of interactivity, as players can use their own voice to communicate with the ghosts, making the experience all the more personal and chilling.

The fun doesn't end with the standard modes, as "Phasmophobia" allows for custom difficulty settings. This is a boon for players seeking to tailor their ghostly encounters, providing a chance to adjust the challenge to the group’s preferences. Meanwhile, teamwork is a key component to survival, and players can either brave the horrors directly or support from the sidelines by monitoring the site through motion sensors and CCTV.

Conclusion: The Verdict on the Otherworldly

The game's emphasis on teamwork combined with its randomized ghost encounters ensures that each playthrough retains an element of suspense that keeps the gameplay from stagnating. Whether players are seeking thrills, testing their investigative skills, or simply looking for a unique social experience with friends, "Phasmophobia" beckons with the promise of supernatural scares.


  • Over 20 different ghost types ensure a unique playthrough every time
  • Cooperative gameplay that encourages strategic teamwork
  • Custom difficulty settings for tailored experiences
  • Voice recognition adds depth to the player-ghost interaction.


  • It may not cater to players who do not enjoy high levels of suspense
  • The horror elements might be too intense for the faint-hearted.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

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