Rocket League Sideswipe
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Rocket League Sideswipe review

Rocket League has long been celebrated for its high-octane vehicular soccer matches, and its mobile variant, Rocket League Sideswipe, manages to pack the same adrenaline into a more compact form. This review takes a closer look at how Sideswipe maintains the essence of its predecessor while introducing a mobile-friendly format that's as thrilling as it is accessible.

A New Dimension of Play:

The 2D Metamorphosis

Rocket League Sideswipe transports the 3D excitement of car soccer into a 2D plane, simplifying the field of play without stripping away the game's core spirit. The action is viewed from the side, focusing solely on the horizontal plane, which influences everything from movement to scoring. The vertical goals add a new layer of strategy, demanding precise shots with an added touch of elevation.

Adaptable Controls for On-the-Go Action:

Fluid Mechanics in the Palm of Your Hand

With a design that recognizes the nuances of mobile gaming, Sideswipe offers an intuitive control scheme that marries simplicity with depth. The game employs a virtual analog stick and a mere three buttons to replicate the responsive handling of its larger counterpart. Whether through touch inputs or with a connected controller, the controls are tight, allowing for a gameplay experience that feels both fresh and familiar.

Airborne Antics and Skill Mastery:

Going Vertical

Rocket League's quintessential aerial maneuvers translate beautifully to Sideswipe. Mastery over your vehicle's flight is still paramount, as players will spend much of their time in the air, defying gravity to block shots or angle in goals. The game skillfully preserves the original's emphasis on learning to maneuver cars mid-air, with physics that add a layer of unpredictability and excitement.

Game Modes and Quickfire Fun:

Variety at a Rapid Pace

Offering a trio of game modes – Duels, Duos, and Hoops – Sideswipe keeps the gameplay engaging with different styles of play. Matches are concise, lasting only two minutes, making the game perfect for quick sessions. Each mode offers a distinct twist on the Sideswipe formula, ensuring the gameplay stays fresh and enticing.

A Generous Monetization Model:

Free Play with Promise

As of now, Sideswipe is free-to-play, with a progression system that rewards players with in-game currency and cosmetics. The presence of challenges adds an extra dimension to the gameplay, encouraging players to strive for varied achievements. Although monetization is expected in the future, the current setup is generous and non-intrusive.


Rocket League Sideswipe excels at distilling the essence of its source material into a mobile format that's just as engaging. It's a rare example of a game that adapts to its platform without losing what made it special in the first place. For existing fans and newcomers alike, Sideswipe is an essential addition to any mobile gaming library.


  • Faithfully adapts Rocket League's gameplay to a 2D perspective
  • Intuitive touch controls, enhanced with controller support
  • Maintains the original's physics and aerial play emphasis
  • Offers a variety of quick, exciting game modes
  • Free-to-play with a fair progression system


  • Touch controls may have a skill ceiling compared to physical controllers
  • Future monetization could impact the current player-friendly model

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 7

Replay Value 8

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