Hunter's Arena: Legends
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Hunter's Arena: Legends review

Hunter’s Arena is a PVP battle royale game with the elements of survival and its action takes place in the times of ancient Asia. The game has been developed and published by Mantisco in 2020. Players can download Hunter’s Arena for PS5, PS4 (Play Station Plus), and PC (Microsoft Windows), which means that it’s possible to buy the game on Steam.


The gameplay of this full game is quite unique in that it offers a combination of melee action and level progression in the style of MOBA. In the game, you play as one of the Hunters, and your task is to defeat other Hunters and fight various demons that you will encounter. You can choose from 17 Hunters and each of these characters will have their peculiarities and combat styles.

The game provides 3 different modes. In the Solo one, there are 30 players on the Hunter Arena map and the last one standing wins. In the Trio mode, you can play in a team of three and thus work together on defeating other teams. There is also Tag Match in which you don’t get involved in battle royale but rather focus on one-on-one combat.

The battles in Hunt Arena are certainly quite challenging and fast-paced, so it takes time to learn all the right moves that will give you an advantage. What is great is that there is a Training Ground where it’s possible to practice being a Hunter and work on your combat skills while playing against AI.


The graphics in this game are decent and work well for the style of the game. There is plenty of variety when it comes to characters, environment, weapons, costumes, and more. At the same time, you shouldn’t expect the visuals to be that realistic or impressive.

Replay Value

As it is a battle royale game with several modes, Hunter’s Arena: Legends has a great replay value. Every time you play, the experience is different, and you cannot predict the outcome. You can switch between different modes depending on your mood, and thus you won’t get bored playing the game for a long time.


Making sure you master all controls and develop your skills in the game will probably take some time. The game has plenty of controls and being such an action-packed installment, you have to be able to make your decisions fast. In this sense, the controls are not the easiest.

Thrilling action with plenty of challenges

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an interesting installment that offers many opportunities to have adrenaline-filled combats. The game offers both MOBA gameplay and the features of battle royale, which is what makes it stand out from other similar games. It is a fun game with interesting characters, three game modes, and a huge map, so if you are into battle royales, you should give it a try.


  • Offers an extensive game map
  • A great combination of battle royale and MOBA
  • Interesting characters
  • Three game modes to choose from


  • Some balance problems during combats
  • The targeting system is difficult to manage

Graphics 8

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 10

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