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SriLankan Airlines review

SriLankan Airlines is an airline company of Sri Lanka. They provide international and domestic flights to all destinations. To provide service to their customers easier, SriLankan Airlines has created an app. Srilankan Airlines is a national airline in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1947 and is the oldest airline in the country. SriLankan Airlines has a fleet of 41 aircraft, which includes Airbus A300, Airbus A330, Airbus A350, Airbus A380, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A 350-900 and Boeing 777-300ER. The company operates scheduled flights to over 60 destinations, with an additional 15 destinations served by code-sharing of other airline partners. It has a hub at Sir Serendib International Airport, which is the busiest airport in the country.


The app consists of two main features: flight booking and flight status. With this app, users can book their flights with a few taps. The flight status update the users on "on time", "delayed", "cancelled", and "arrived" flights.
SriLankan Airlines is an app that provides a user with a number of features. These features include the following:

  • Flight tracker. Track the flight of your choice, and the app will provide you with the passenger list. This includes check-in status, departure time, gate number, and arrival time.
  • Flight status. The flight status provides information on the status of the flight, such as departure time, expected arrival time, gate number, and delays.
  • Flight Alerts. Flight alerts will notify you about the updates to the flight and the current status.
  • Deals and offers. SriLankan Airlines provides users with deals and offers.


The design of the app is based on a white background with a bit of blue. The flight information updates in real time. The design of the app is simple, and it is easy to use. All of the features are located on the homepage, which is easy to access.

Information about usability

The app is easy to use, but it doesn't have any information in the app about baggage weight and dimensions, and the number of passengers per flight. The app is very user-friendly. It has a simple design, and all of the features are located on the homepage.


The SriLankan Airlines app is a very easy-to-use app that provides users with information about departures, arrivals, and deals.


  • Is mainly for booking and checking in flights and does not have any facilities for checking out baggage
  • Does not have any facilities for checking other people's baggage


  • The app provides a user with all of the information that they need about the airline, including flight status, departures, and arrivals
  • It also has deals and offers that are available for the user

Design 9

Key Functions 8

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 9

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