Neko Gacha - Cat Collector
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Neko Gacha - Cat Collector review

In the world of mobile gaming, Neko Gacha is a charming gem that resonates with excitement, cuteness, and endless surprise. With a primary objective of collecting kawaii kittens, it successfully manages to target a soft spot within us all.

Neko Gacha boasts a compelling collection of more than 150 distinctive cats. The standout highlight is the legendary 6-Star Nekos, quite a rare find. The pull of the Gacha Machine, where you can garner these cuddly critters using in-game currency like Neko Coins or Gems, is a particularly enticing feature. Players can even enhance their luck by specifically using Neko Gems.

One of the best aspects is the opportunity to customise and decorate your virtual room. From eclectic wallpapers to adorable cat toys, the shopping spectrum, on hand, ensures you can fashion spaces that visually reflect the love for your feline friends. You can even take virtual tours of your friends' rooms, a feature that fosters a social community vibe within the game.

Resembling an RPG, the game also allows players to form their Neko teams and embark upon adventures. The concept of strategising teams based on the individual strengths of your cats is engaging and exhilarating, providing a thrilling edge to the otherwise adorable game.

Neko Gacha's well-integrated game facets ensure active engagement, with mini-games where your felines can partake and win extra coins and gems. Furthermore, leaderboard rankings can spur a competitive spirit amongst players. The game also comes with an offline mode, a major plus for times when Wi-Fi fails.

Let's face it; Neko Gacha brings a splash of cuteness, fun, and strategy, making it a delightful and addictive gaming experience. The focus is more on fun than intensity, inviting a wide array of players from different age groups. While the game might lag on older devices or 4K screens, it is certainly worth a shot.


  • Over 150 unique cats to collect
  • Customizable in-game home
  • Engaging team-forming and mini-games
  • Interactive community engagement through friend's room visits.


  • May lag on older devices or devices with 4K screens
  • Requires an Internet connection for specific features
  • In-app purchases may not work for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devices.

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 7

Replay Value 9

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Neko Gacha - Cat Collector Neko Gacha - Cat Collector
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