Street Fighter™ 6
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Street Fighter™ 6 review

Digital fighting is once again reinvented with "Street Fighter 6", the latest installment of the classic franchise that has ruled the gaming world for over three decades. Its immersive gameplay, incredible graphics, and intricate mechanics make for an organic experience that engages both novice and seasoned brawlers.

The reputed fighting game forges ahead with its familiar 2D combat style coupled with new engaging elements. Broken down into three modes—Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, and World Tour—SF6 offers a reimagined arena where gamers can indulge both in the classic Street Fighter experience and explore new fighting territories through online matches and open-world RPG explorations.

Street Fighter 6 remains loyal to its roots with its traditional combat mechanics, including 18 unique characters, each equipped with their own normal, special, and Super Art attacks, along with Leap Attack and V-Gauge-- Street Fighter V's defensive and offensive gauge system. However, stepped-up universal mechanics add depth to the gameplay, making it more complex than previous versions.

The universal Drive system is SF6's unique battle mechanic, a versatile tool available to each character. Drive Parry lets you block attacks, while Drive Rush helps you catch your opponents off guard with a surprising dash of speed. The Drive Impact move staggers your adversaries and leaves them exposed to further strikes. To add an extra layer of strategic considerations and opportunities, Drive Reversals allow you to respond to attacks, and Overdrive enhances the power of special attacks.

Even though these powerful moves require a part of the Drive Gauge, the impact they can make in a match's outcome is significant. This intricate system successfully revamps Street Fighter's core experience, achieving a balance between ease of understanding and depth of gameplay.

Striking a Balance

In spite of these modifications, SF6 manages to keep all of its 18 characters balanced - an impressive feat considering the depth and complexity of the gameplay changes. The fresh faces among the fighters fit in seamlessly, bringing new challenges to both seasoned fighters and fresh contenders.

Capcom also introduces a new Modern control scheme, which makes it easier for fresh players to control fighters by incorporating a more Super Smash Bros-style approach. However, if you're a traditionalist, the game also includes the Classic control scheme, based on the manual input controls.

The standout feature of SF6 is its finely designed Practice Mode. The practice area includes a comprehensive tutorial system, delivering a complete training experience for players. It is complete with character guides and combo trials for each character, making it an excellent way for novices to familiarize themselves and for professionals to sharpen their skills.

Overall, Street Fighter 6 brilliantly marries the iconic elements of the franchise with new, exciting features. It provides the perfect ground for both newcomers and veterans of the series to test their fighting skills in a challenging yet accessible format. With its innovative gameplay mechanics and balanced characters, SF6 promises to be a standout addition to the Street Fighter saga. It's time to step into the fighting ground and prepare for battle - the world of Street Fighter 6 awaits you.


  • Dynamic Gameplay: The Fresh Drive system enhances the strategy involved
  • Balanced Characters: All 18 fighters offer fair play despite unique abilities
  • Inclusive Control Schemes: Modern and Classic modes improve accessibility
  • Comprehensive Practice Mode: Detailed tutorials enable smooth learning for novices


  • Learning Curve: The Drive system, while innovative, may be challenging for a beginner to grasp initially
  • Control Limitations: Casual players may find the transition from Modern to Classic control hard
  • Potential Character Imbalance: High-level play may reveal character balance issues over time
  • Risk of Burnout: Mismanagement of the Drive Gauge can lead to performance issues within matches

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 8

Replay Value 9

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