My Talking Angela 2
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My Talking Angela 2 review

Immerse yourself in a lively virtual world with My Talking Angela 2. This innovative game from Outfit7 brings a stylish, fun-filled day to every player, transforming ordinary game-playing into an inspiring experience. Being a follow-up to the hugely popular games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Tom Friends, this game successfully takes the legacy forward with a host of new features.

The Fashion-Forward Feline 

The game revolves around helping a fashion-savvy cat in her bustling city home. As part of this digital world, players get to indulge in a myriad of activities that contribute to the character's lifestyle. Impressive hairdressing options, makeup choices, and clothing options add a layer of chicness to the gaming experience. However, it might be overwhelming for players who prefer simplicity over excessive style, and this could be considered a minor detractor.

Fueling Fun with Epic Activities 

Each day in the game comes brimmed with thrilling activities. Whether it's shaking a leg on the dance floor, baking delightful treats, or engaging in martial arts, the options never cease to create excitement. The range of activities can, however, sometimes stray from the conventional “pet” genre, something traditional pet game lovers might find a bit off-putting. 

Towards Tasteful Adventures 

The game takes the player on sumptuous culinary journeys with delicious food and snacks. Along with city life, jet-setting travel options open the gate for culinary delights from different corners of the world. The travel feature is an exciting addition, but it can sometimes feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the gameplay.

Engaging Games and Sticker Collections 

The challenges and thrill levels are driven up with mini-games and puzzles that test the player's skills and reflexes. Additional features like all-new sticker collections add more zest to the already enticing game. However, the game could benefit from a greater diversity of mini-games to prevent potential repetitiveness.

Setbacks and Solutions 

In the interest of transparency, some aspects might stray from perfection. There might be concerns about in-app purchases and auto-renewing subscriptions, although these can be managed in the Google Play account settings. Privacy-minded individuals might raise eyebrows at YouTube integration and links directing to Outfit7's other websites and apps. Perhaps a better explanation of these places within the game could help address these concerns.

Conclusion: Set Sail into the Seductive Symphony of 'My Talking Angela 2'

Overall, My Talking Angela 2 is a unique combo of style, adventure, and challenges that work impressively well. With a few tweaks and more transparency regarding in-app purchases and privacy concerns, the game promises an enhanced virtual gaming experience like no other. Leap into this trendsetting universe and let the virtual stylish cat redefine your gaming inventiveness.


  • Variety of activities: The game offers a wide range of activities, such as dancing, baking, and martial arts, keeping the player engaged at all times
  • Fashion choices: From trendy hairstyles to chic clothing, players have an array of options to express their creativity and style
  • Delicious food and travel: The game creatively introduces culinary aspects and travel, thus offering a broader perspective to gameplay.


  • Repetitiveness in mini-games
  • Some players might find the in-app purchases and auto-renewing subscriptions disadvantages.

Graphics 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 7

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