Animal Jam - Play Wild!
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Animal Jam - Play Wild! review

Ignite your child’s curiosity for the natural world with an immersive environment that blends education, entertainment, and social interactivity. Welcome to "Animal Jam - Play Wild!", an online gaming experience developed by WildWorks in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. Originally launched in 2010 for desktop computers, this game was adapted into the mobile version "Play Wild" in 2015. Since then, it has been captivating children worldwide, providing a fun-filled learning avenue.

Dive into the Wilderness: Gameplay Insights

"Animal Jam - Play Wild" grants its young users a hypothetical but conceptually vibrant wildlife adventure. On initiating the game, one can choose their virtual animal avatar from a wide assortment of choices. Whether it's soaring the skies with eagles, galloping across the land as a horse, or exploring ocean depths as an otter, there's an animal for everyone.

After customization, the player steps into the expansive world of Jamaa, brimming with diverse ecosystems ranging from tropical jungles to snow-peaked mountains. All these regions host different animals, making each exploration a unique experience.

Interactivity forms the core of the game. Users can converse with other global players, trade items, attend in-game events, and even collaborate to form clans and parties. Safety measures, including a language filter and trained moderators, ensure a safe digital platform for kids.

The gameplay balances fun and learning perfectly. Mini-games like "Temple of Trivia," "Gem Breaker," or "Long Shot" target quick reflexes, problem-solving abilities, and memory enhancement. Trivia sprinkled throughout the game imparts incredible facts about real-life animals and their habitats. Every bit of fun is coupled with bits of knowledge, maintaining an engaging learning environment.

Further, the in-game currency 'gems' can be spent in the marketplace, teaching children basic financial management skills. Game actions earn players rewards or 'achievements,' tracking their progress and motivating them to engage more.

Animal Jam - Play Wild: A Unique Encounter in the Gaming Jungle

Animal Jam - Play Wild! manages to elevate itself from a sea of similarly-themed games through its unique blend of education, social interaction, and gaming. It does not merely offer an isolated gaming experience but instead connects young minds globally, encouraging social skills development and collaborative play.

The game’s educational philosophy is its backbone, setting it apart from other counterparts like "Club Penguin" or "Poptropica". In collaboration with the National Geographic Society, the game creators have managed to weave a tapestry of fun and learning. Each exploration into Jamaa maintains an underlying learning streak, imparting facts about flora, fauna, and geography inadvertently.

Safety measures also set Animal Jam apart. While games like "Moshi Monsters" and "Roblox" have been criticized for their insufficient arguments to safeguard children online, "Animal Jam - Play Wild!" invests in trained moderators and dependable language filters, ensuring a secure digital platform for kids.

To sweeten the deal, the game continually updates to keep it fresh and exciting. Festivals such as the "Friendship Festival" or the "Luck Party" align with real-world events and holidays, unlike most other games that lack such elevated social interactivity.

The in-app purchases, while critiqued, actually make the game unique. The system teaches children about saving, spending, and resource management - a seldom-focused concept in the children's gaming genre.

Unleashing the Beast: Conclusions and Impressions

Animal Jam - Play Wild! has registered itself as a favorite among the younger demographics, with its blend of fun, education, and social interaction. Parents appreciate the child-friendly design, safety measures, and subtle infusion of learning elements within gameplay.

However, some criticisms exist. For instance, the game is heavily reliant on in-app purchases, which may lead to unnecessary expenditure if not carefully monitored. Some users also mention the occasional glitches and slow load times that may disrupt the immersive experience. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall consensus remains overwhelmingly positive.

In a nutshell, “Animal Jam - Play Wild” offers an exciting gaming experience hosted in an enriched educational ecosystem. Its weaknesses are overshadowed by the irreplaceable joy of manifesting curiosity into a virtual, exploratory journey embellished with nature's wonders.


  • A vibrant, immersive world that captivates a child’s fascination
  • Infusion of educational elements within gameplay
  • Encourages social interactions, promoting key communication skills
  • Safety measures in place to ensure a secure digital platform for children
  • Enhances problem-solving capabilities through mini-games.


  • Heavily reliant on in-app purchases, potentially leading to unnecessary expenditure
  • Occasional glitches and slow load times could disrupt the gaming experience
  • Some mini-games may require a more complex understanding than very young children have
  • Public chat features, though monitored, may still pose risks.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 8