Where the Heart Leads
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Where the Heart Leads review

Where the Heart Leads is an indie game in the quest genre developed by Armature Games and released in July 2021. The game has a heavy emphasis on narration, so it will be interesting to players who appreciate a good story in games. It is possible to download Where the Heart Leads for PS4 and PS5.


The first thing to mention about the full game is that the storyline is an essential component on which the gameplay relies. The game has a heavy emphasis on making choices that will further affect how things turn out. In this game, you have to play as Whit, a family man who embarks on a journey through a surreal world. A man gets trapped in a sinkhole that opened right on his farm after trying to save his dog from it. Things get interesting when Whit notices that he has to visit all the important moments of his life, and this is when you, as a player, have to make the right choices.
The game also offers side stories, so there is an entire web of connections, and every decision can affect not one person but several people. It is possible to talk to different characters within the level and thus there is a certain freedom to explore. One downside that is apparent is the lack of voiceovers, so you should be prepared to read plenty of text when playing this game.


The graphics of this game support the story in a beautiful way, while the color palette and style can be compared to a watercolor painting. The visuals work great when it comes to complementing the story as they can be both bright and cheerful and also quite dark at the moment of distress for characters.

Replay Value 

Because there is such freedom of choice and all of them have different consequences, Where the Heart Leads certainly has a high replay value. It is possible to reverse decisions or stick to them, so you will get a new outcome each time. Thanks to this, you will be able to come back to the game a lot more than once and see how the story will unfold for Whit.


Being a narrative-based game, the controls are not a problem by any means. You don’t need to remember any special combinations to get through the game and it’s not even something you will have to think about as you play.

Emotional game with a high replay value

Where the Heart Leads takes you on an emotional journey and allows you to live through all the ups and downs of one person’s life. It is a well-developed game that has many alternative endings and scenarios, so you can be sure that you can spend many hours replaying this game and seeing where it goes. While there are some minor performance issues and the lack of voiceovers makes you read a lot of text, the game is definitely worth your attention.


  • Great visuals that complement the storyline
  • Excellent game mechanics
  • Interesting storyline with many choices
  • High replay value


  • The game lacks voiceovers
  • Can be repetitive at times

Graphics 9

Gameplay 8

Controls 10

Replay Value 10