The Garfield Movie
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The Garfield Movie review

When it comes to beloved comic strip characters making their way to the big screen, expectations are high. "The Garfield Movie," released in 2024, attempts to bring Jim Davis' iconic, lazy, lasagna-loving feline to life in a computer-animated adventure. Directed by Mark Dindal and featuring an impressive voice cast led by Chris Pratt, the film promises a blend of humor, nostalgia, and action. But does it deliver on all fronts?

Dynamic Storyline, But Out of Character

Dynamic Storyline, But Out of Character

One of the most notable aspects of "The Garfield Movie" is its decidedly adventurous storyline. The film sees Garfield reconnecting with his estranged father, Vic, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, leading to a high-stakes mission involving milk heists, betrayals, and daring rescues. Fans of the comic strip may find this plot twist jarring; after all, Garfield is known for his laziness and love for being a homebody. While the film's action sequences are entertaining and well-executed, they diverge significantly from the characters we know and love.

Stellar Voice Cast Adds Depth

The voice acting in "The Garfield Movie" is undoubtedly one of its strong suits. Chris Pratt brings a new dimension to Garfield, infusing the character with a blend of sarcasm and subtle warmth. Samuel L. Jackson as Vic lends a complex and gritty layer to his role, creating an interesting father-son dynamic with Garfield. Supporting roles by Nicholas Hoult, Harvey Guillén, and Hannah Waddingham further elevate the film, adding authenticity and a variety of vocal tones that enrich the storyline.

Visuals: A Feast for the Eyes?

Visually, the film straddles a fine line between engaging and underwhelming. The character designs match the polemical imagery, and there are moments of visual splendor, especially during the action sequences. However, some scenes feel oddly sparse and lack depth. While the animation is fluid, the overall aesthetic can often come across as flat and uninspired, particularly when compared to other animated films of the same era.

Visuals A Feast for the Eyes

Emotion vs. Humor: A Balancing Act

One of the film's surprising elements is its emotional depth. Vic's backstory and his relationship with Garfield add layers to the narrative, making the audience invest in their journey. However, this focus on emotional storytelling sometimes eclipses the humor that Garfield is known for. There are some funny moments in the movie, but they are far fewer and not as impressive as one would expect from a Garfield movie. The balance between emotion and humor is precarious and might not work for everyone.


  • Stellar voice cast that adds depth to characters;
  • Entertaining and well-executed action sequences;
  • Emotional depth in the storyline, particularly with Vic's character;
  • Faithful character designs that retain the essence of the comic strip;
  • Fluid animation that enhances dynamic scenes.


  • A significant departure from Garfield’s lazy, laid-back character;
  • Visuals sometimes appear flat and uninspired;
  • Humor is overshadowed by the focus on emotional storytelling;
  • Sparse set designs that lack depth in some scenes;
  • The plot can feel jarring for long-time Garfield fans.


"The Garfield Movie" is a mixed bag that offers something for both new audiences and long-time fans but may not entirely satisfy either group. With stellar voice performances and emotionally engaging moments, it shines in some areas while faltering in others, particularly in its adherence to the spirit of the original comic strip. Whether you're a die-hard Garfield fan or a newcomer to his universe, this film offers a curious blend of humor, action, and heartfelt moments that might just make it worth a watch.