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Experience Hell-Like Adrenaline with These Top 5 Alternatives of DOOM 64 DOOM 64, that hellish and hectic first-person shooter, has captured the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts since its introduction in 1997. With its atmospheric audio,... Continue Reading New API Guidelines by Apple Aimed at Bolstering User Privacy Apple, always an advocate for user privacy, has introduced new policies governing the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) on its Application Store. The move... Continue Reading Oklahoma Awaits in American Truck Simulator's Newest Expansion The American Truck Simulator universe is expanding, with developer SCS Software announcing the game's latest destination, Oklahoma, will be available from 1st August. This new... Continue Reading Unraveling the Enigma of Eccentricity: Top 10 Weirdest Video Games Ever The gaming industry is a melting pot of creativity and innovation, entertaining us with countless worlds that cater to a vast spectrum of interests. While... Continue Reading An Exciting Update: Counter-Strike 2 Test Addition Includes Wingman mode & Two Maps! A significant update has been released for the beta version of the popular multiplayer first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike 2. The test launched recently by the... Continue Reading European Fans Can Now Enjoy the Pokemon Sleep App for Sleep Tracking For Pokemon fans in Europe, your wait is finally over. In an impressive addition to the realm of lifestyle applications, now you can couple your... Continue Reading 5 Best Alternatives to Borderlands 3 for Video Game Enthusiasts Experience thrilling and immersive gameplay like never before, with commendable storylines, various characters, and expansive landscapes. If you are a fan of Borderlands 3 and... Continue Reading Xbox Game Pass July 2023 Update Welcomes New Games to the Lineup Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass has started off the month of July 2023 with an exciting update, presenting Arcade Paradise as the newest addition to its... Continue Reading Microsoft Teams Introduces Profanity Filters to Police Language in Meetings In a recent significant update, Microsoft Teams has announced via its blog that it's incorporating profanity filters to block inappropriate language expressed during meetings. This... Continue Reading Navigating The Tycoon Realm: The Best Business Simulation Games In a world where gaming offers an escape into myriad universes, it is the business simulation games that allow players to virtually dabble in commerce,... Continue Reading Embark on Epic Adventures with Top-5 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Alternative Games Let the realization dawn upon you that rich, immersive gameplay extends beyond just the crowd-pleasers. There lives a realm of fantastic online games that intricately... Continue Reading Physical Xbox Edition of Starfield to Come with a Disc, but not PC Version: Highlights from Bethesda Bethesda Softworks, the prominent video game publisher, has unveiled plans for the distribution of their upcoming game, Starfield. Interestingly, the physical Xbox version will arrive... Continue Reading