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Bringing Back Something Good to Fortnite Since its early seasons, Fortnite has been going through a lot of updates, but something familiar has recently appeared in Chapter Three Season Two: ‘Resistance.’... Continue Reading PlayStation Game Pass Reveal Awaited Next Week After almost four months since Jason Schreider from Bloomberg announced that the long-talked-about Game Pass was to be revealed at some point this spring, it... Continue Reading Russians Finally Get Cut Off Payment Services Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, tech giants such as Apple and Google have been taking measures to make their payment services inaccessible... Continue Reading Important Features Instagram Has Created For Marketers Instagram is currently the second most popular and most used social media platform and by April 2019, its active users were above a billion monthly.... Continue Reading YouTube Provides Its Users With Answers Regarding Their Algorithms On the creator insider channel, Rachel Alves, who is a product manager for YouTube and works on its recommendation system, participated in a video answering... Continue Reading Latest Google Play Services & Play Store Improvements All of a sudden, Google started sharing announcing the details of its monthly Google Play updates. The company was updating the service silently for years,... Continue Reading Google Simplifies Sending Files to Yourself With the recent Fast Pair extension for Windows PC, Google provided PC users with an option to synchronize messages, control Bluetooth devices, and share files... Continue Reading Supervised Google Accounts to Get YouTube Music Almost a year ago, in February 2021, YouTube announced a new supervised subscription for teens who are ready to stop using YouTube Kids and get... Continue Reading Telegram Offers Service Without Ads Are you tired of ads? Telegram has something to offer you through its subscription service. You may disable the pop-up menace just after you sign... Continue Reading Devoted Fan Recreates Civilization VI in Minecraft It took months to build all the 150 builds from the Civilization VI game in Minecraft. Yet, the real fans wouldn’t stop no matter how... Continue Reading Updates on Sims 4 Blooming Rooms The latest Sims 4 kit called Blooming Rooms is finally released. Its major theme is houseplants, and it is going to make Sim’s house even... Continue Reading VRChat Tips & Tricks Virtual reality has been around for a while now. In recent years, it has been found that virtual reality also has a lot of benefits,... Continue Reading