Delayed Launch: Don't Nod Pushes Lost Records to 2025 to Honor Life is Strange Return

The original developer of the Life is Strange series has announced a delay for its new Life is Strange-style narrative adventure due to the return of the original Life is Strange protagonist.

In an announcement earlier today, Don't Nod mentioned that they had moved the release date of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage to early 2025. This narrative-heavy, teen-focused adventure with supernatural elements continues Don't Nod's legacy, bearing a resemblance to several key aspects of Life is Strange.

Despite developing both 2015's Life is Strange and its 2018 sequel, Don't Nod is not the studio behind Before the Storm, True Colors, or Life is Strange: Double Exposure, which is set to launch in October and will feature the return of Max Caulfield, the original Life is Strange protagonist. The October release date for Double Exposure would have been very close to the original late 2024 launch date of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage.

However, that's no longer the case, as Don't Nod is stepping aside for Double Exposure. They acknowledge that fans are excited for Lost Records and the new Life is Strange game and want to ensure both have adequate space to shine. Therefore, Lost Records will now be released in early 2025.

While it's still relatively uncommon for developers to admit moving release dates due to competitors, it is becoming increasingly frequent. Last year, Baldur's Gate 3 delayed its release to avoid Starfield, a notable instance, but indie games are also starting to shift their dates to avoid AAA giants—for instance, a promising Souls Like was initially scheduled to launch on the same day as Shadow of Eritrea. Nonetheless, there is something particularly interesting about the original developer making way for its successor out of respect for the franchise.

Lost Records: Bloom and Rage is divided into two parts, partly taking inspiration from Game of Thrones.