My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game
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My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game review

My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game is an interactive virtual pet game app on the App Store. The app is developed by the company, Lullaby Games. The gameplay is reminiscent of Tamagotchi, which was popular in the 1990s. The graphics are not impressive, as it is a free app. In My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game, the player takes care of a Boo, or ghost, which is a type of ghost from the Mario franchise. As the player, the player manages the Boo's diet and health, and interacts with other Boo's who live in the player's home. The player may also create new rooms for the Boo to explore.


In this game, the player must care for their pet and make sure it is happy. They must also make sure that their pet doesn't get sad. This can be done by feeding it, making sure it has enough water, and playing with it. There are also mini-games for the player to play. These include catching bugs, finding treasure, and more. The gameplay consists of caring for your virtual pet, My Boo. You can feed it, clean it, and play with it. You can also take it with you on an adventure. When you first download the app you can choose your pet. You can choose a pet with a different color, and you can also choose if you want a dog, a cat, or a bunny.


The graphics in this game are cartoon-like. They are also colorful and attractive. The graphics are very simple, and there are no animations or sound effects.

Information about replayability

Players can play this game for a long time without getting bored. This is because there are many things to do. There are also many different mini-games to play. It is a free app, but you can purchase coins to use for in-app purchases. You can also buy food or clothes for your pet. This game is replayable because the player can explore different rooms to take care of the Boo, and the player can also interact with other Boo's.


If you like Tamagotchi, and you like taking care of a virtual pet, this is the game for you. However, there are also many mini-games to play. This game is great for children and adults, and it's also a great way to kill time. If you don't have a pet and you want to have a pet, this game is also great for you.


  • It is free
  • There are many things to do
  • There are many mini-games to play
  • It is a good way to kill time
  • It is a good way to teach children about caring for pets
  • It is a good way to teach children about responsibility
  • The graphics are cartoon-like


  • The game can be laggy
  • It is a touch screen game
  • The game can be repetitive
  • It can be hard to catch bugs
  • It can be hard to find treasure

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 8

Replay Value 9

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