Young Sheldon
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Young Sheldon review

"Young Sheldon" is an entertaining television comedy that acts as a precursor to the widely acclaimed show "The Big Bang Theory." The show offers a heartwarming and humorous look into the life of a young Sheldon Cooper, a child prodigy navigating the complexities of East Texas life with his unique intellect and quirks. The series presents an invigorating variation of the conventional sitcom structure, seamlessly intertwining comedy with engrossing character progression.

Script and Plot

The series is scripted with keen attention to detail, ensuring continuity with the original series while providing its unique flavor. The plots are engaging, with a clever mix of humor, pathos, and lessons of life. Sheldon's interactions with his family, school, and society provide plenty of opportunities for laughter, reflection, and insight into the formation of Sheldon's distinctive personality.

Operator and Graphics Work

"Young Sheldon" boasts high-quality cinematography and graphics work. The setting of East Texas is beautifully captured, and the details of the 1980s period are convincingly portrayed. The program's aesthetic allure is heightened through meticulous attention to the details in the attire, scenic design, and accessories, constructing an authentic and engrossing experience for the audience.


The soundtrack of "Young Sheldon" is noteworthy. It is a well-crafted amalgamation of period-appropriate music and original scores that perfectly underscore the mood and setting of every scene. The theme song for the series, delivered by Steve Burns, is memorable and establishes the ambiance of the show.

Bottom Line

Overall, "Young Sheldon" is a commendable addition to the sitcom genre. The blend of humor, affability, and reminiscence is triumphant, presenting an original viewpoint on the existence of one of the most cherished figures in television. Though it has its shortcomings, the show's strengths more than compensate for them.