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Coco review

'Coco,' a beautiful animation from Pixar, portrays the allure of Mexican culture and the essence of youth's discovery in a remarkable journey, breaking the confines of reality to podge through the mythical confines of the afterlife. The movie, co-directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, brings a dazzling musical landscape that unfurls a redefining narrative concerning love, legacy, and family.


The screenplay of 'Coco' beautifully encapsulates the magical storyline where Miguel, a young aspiring musician, finds himself embarking on a mystical journey to the Land of the Dead. In a series of peculiar events, Miguel unravels his ancestral heritage intertwined with Mexico's holiday, Dia de los Muertos, revealing a heartfelt and colorful narrative that holds the audience captive. The plot spins a tale about following dreams and understanding the importance of family, replete with diverse and endearing characters.


The graphics work of 'Coco' is a pure visual treat of instinctively vivid colors painting the realm of the Land of the Dead. The aesthetic and detailed animation, combined with the excellence of operator work, delivers a striking and immersive world, thus setting a new benchmark in animation. Every frame is carefully rendered with minutiae to infuse depth into the narrative while creating an aura of enchantment with its vibrant and charming palette


The music propelling 'Coco' lends a rhythmic pulse to the storyline, transforming it into a mesmerizing song-filled journey. Stamping their mark in the annals of movie soundtracks, the tracks are catchy, memorable, and replete with an emotional depth that veers from joyous to poignant, catalyzing a defined sense of emotional connection with the audience. The rhythmic heartbeat of 'Coco' carries the narrative forward, playing a starring role in this picture.


'Coco' is an arresting and thoughtful animation masterstroke that dances with emotions, charisma, and magical realism, undeniably leaving a remarkable imprint in animation cinema. The film beautifully interweaves a captivating tale of an enchanting journey by a young boy that pulsates with the rich aura of Mexican culture and familial legacy.


  1. Beautifully captured Mexican tradition and cultural elements.
  2. Engaging and meaningful plot revolving around love, family, and legacy.
  3. Impressive graphics and operator work create a visually appealing world.
  4. Enchanting soundtrack that enhances the emotional depth of the film.
  5. Strong character development and narrative voice.
  6. Diverse representation of characters.
  7. Effective deliverance of morals and values embedded in the storyline.


  1. The initial pace of the movie might feel slow to some viewers.
  2. Some plot elements could be predicted easily, losing the element of surprise.
  3. Emotional depth could feel overwhelming for sensitive viewers.
  4. Complexity of relationships may be difficult for younger viewers to understand.
  5. Visual intensity could be distracting from the narrative at times.