Despicable Me 4
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Despicable Me 4 review

An Unpredictable Journey Into Gru's World

I recently watched Despicable Me 4, and I must say, the film took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. What intrigued me the most was how effortlessly it recaptured the charm and excitement of the previous installments while introducing fresh elements that added depth and nuance to the story.

An Unpredictable Journey Into Gru's World

Plot Twists That Keep You Hooked

The film's plot centers around Gru and his family after the notorious Maxime Le Mal escapes from incarceration. The addition of Gru Jr., Gru's newborn son, brings a new dynamic to the family that feels both natural and captivating. The relocation to protect the family introduces the Prescotts, who turn out to be integral to the story. This twist adds layers to the plot, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Voice Acting That Pulls You In

Steve Carell once again delivers an impeccable performance as Gru. His ability to switch between Gru's persona and the new character, Chet Cunningham, showcases his versatility as a voice actor. Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde is equally compelling, portraying a nuanced character in her role as both an Anti-Villain League agent and a caring mother.

New Characters Add Flavor

The introduction of Joey King as Poppy Prescott adds a fresh and engaging perspective to the film. Poppy's admiration for Gru and aspiration to become a supervillain create a compelling subplot. Will Ferrell’s Maxime Le Mal is an unforgettable antagonist whose French accent and vengeful motives bring humor and tension to the storyline.

Animation and Visuals: A Feast for the Eyes

The quality of animation in "Despicable Me 4" is truly exceptional. Illumination has clearly upped its game, creating a visually stunning world that is more detailed and vibrant than ever. The action scenes are well-executed, and the transformations of the Minions into superpowered beings are a visual delight.

A Soundtrack That Strikes a Chord

A Soundtrack That Strikes a Chord

Heitor Pereira and Pharrell Williams return to compose the film's score, and they certainly do not disappoint. The soundtrack is filled with catchy songs that perfectly complement the emotional and adventurous moments in the film. Pharrell’s "Double Life" stands out as an infectious track that captures the film’s spirit.

Dialogue That Resonates

The writing by Mike White and Ken Daurio shines brightly through the film's dialogue. The lines are witty, emotional, and packed with the right amount of humor. This gives the characters more dimension and makes their dilemmas and triumphs feel all the more real.

Family Dynamics

The film does an excellent job of portraying the complexities of blended families. From Gru’s relationship with his adopted daughters to the introduction of Gru Jr., each family member’s perspective is thoughtfully explored. This adds an emotional richness that viewers of all ages can appreciate.

Minion Madness

The Minions, voiced by Pierre Coffin, are as delightful as ever. Their antics add the perfect dose of humor, balancing the film’s more serious moments. The scenes where they are granted superpowers are particularly hilarious and imaginative.

Villains Worthy of New and Old Fans

Sofía Vergara’s Valentina is a femme fatale worth watching. Her chemistry with Will Ferrell's Maxime is spot on, making them a villainous duo that audiences love to hate. Their motivations are clearly laid out, making their actions relatable, if not justifiable.

Villains Worthy of New and Old Fans

Message and Morality

Despicable Me 4 weaves its moral lessons seamlessly into the narrative. Themes of family, forgiveness, and the quest for identity are touched upon without feeling preachy. This makes it a film that's both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Humor for All Ages

The humor in Despicable Me 4 is multifaceted. From slapstick comedy involving Minions to more sophisticated jokes that adults will appreciate, the film ensures that there’s something for everyone. This inclusive approach keeps the audience engaged, regardless of age.

Emotional Depth

The film isn’t afraid to dive into deeper emotional waters. The struggles Gru faces as a father, both adopted and biological, are portrayed with authenticity. While it’s a comedy at heart, the emotional arcs give it a depth that sets it apart from other animated films.

Action Sequences

The action scenes are meticulously crafted and add to the film's excitement. Whether it’s Gru and the Minions embarking on a mission or Poppy Prescott showing off her villainous skills, the choreography and execution are spot on. The balance of action and humor in these sequences makes them highly entertaining.

A Well-Balanced Narrative

The film strikes a fine balance between action, humor, and emotional depth. Each subplot complements the main story, adding layers that enhance the overall narrative. Nothing feels out of place or forced, making it a harmonious blend of various elements.

A Satisfying Conclusion

A Well-Balanced Narrative

Despicable Me 4 wraps up its storylines in a way that feels both fulfilling and open to future possibilities. The ending ties together the film’s various threads, bringing closure to the characters while leaving room for potential new adventures. It's a fitting end to a thoroughly enjoyable film.


  • Engaging plot with unexpected twists and turns;
  • Outstanding animation and visuals;
  • Strong voice acting performances;
  • Well-crafted action sequences;
  • Impressive soundtrack;
  • Balanced humor for all ages;
  • Emotional richness and depth;
  • Memorable new characters;
  • Thought-provoking moral lessons.


  • Some might find the plot a bit predictable;
  • Occasional pacing issues;
  • Not all new characters are fully flushed out.

A Family-Friendly Adventure Worth Watching

All in all, Despicable Me 4 succeeds in delivering a heartwarming and entertaining experience. Its ability to balance humor, action, and emotional depth makes it a must-watch for fans old and new. Whether you’ve been following Gru’s journey from the beginning or this is your first dive into his world, the film offers something for everyone. With its strong performances, engaging storyline, and top-notch animation, Despicable Me 4 reaffirms why this franchise continues to capture hearts worldwide.