YouTube Introduces New Tools for Making Shorts out of Longer Content

Shorts videos are now the main driver of YouTube’s growth, and the main video streaming platform of the world well acknowledges this. To motivate content makers to make even more 60-second videos, YouTube provides a new tool in its video editor. Now you can make a Shorts clip out of your longer video, no matter how long it is, in seconds.

The idea is simple. As you make a long video, you can now select a fragment out of it, up to 60 seconds long, and publish it separately as a Shorts video. The tool also allows adding filters, text stickers, and extra videos from either your camera or your video library. The video you get will be linked to the full version, so it’s great for making teasers and trailers to promote your longer projects. Shorts videos, according to YouTube, attract over 1.5 billion people monthly, so this platform has enormous potential for promotion.

The new tool is available in mobile YouTube apps for both iOS and Android. It doesn’t require a manual update unless you turned off automatic updates for all your apps. The interface is as intuitive as a mobile video editor can get. If viewers want to watch the full version after seeing a Shorts cut, they won’t have to search for it manually or go to the creator’s channel. Instead, the direct link is already built in, so it takes just one tap to proceed.

The new tool does not allow you to use other creators’ videos. This is obviously made to avoid misleading trailers where borrowed fragments prevail, which some can use to attract more attention to videos that are indeed unrelated.

If you are a creator that prefers long forms, will you use this tool to attract more attention from those who prefer Shorts? Would you like to go to full versions easily if you liked the 60-second preview of a longer material? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!