Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone's Passcode from Numerical to Alphanumeric

We all know how convenient smartphones are, especially when keeping our lives organized and safe. But with the rise of highly-coordinated iPhone thefts in recent years, having only a numerical passcode as your phone’s authentication method is no longer enough. That’s why you should upgrade your passcode from numerical to alphanumeric for better security.

An alphanumeric passcode is a combination of letters and numbers that contains at least six characters. This type of password is much harder to guess or crack than a numerical one since it includes symbols other than numbers, making guessing or brute forcing impossible without access to personal information such as your full name, address or date of birth — all pieces of information which are difficult if not impossible for thieves and hackers alike to obtain.

In addition, an alphanumeric password allows users to set up different types of combinations with uppercase letters and special characters like !#$%^&*. This provides an added layer of complexity that can make hacking attempts exponentially more difficult compared with passwords composed only by numbers — even those containing 8 digits!

However, it doesn't mean you'll have trouble remembering this type of password; on the contrary! With the help of tools such as LastPass Password Generator you can easily create memorable passwords using words associated with their corresponding characters (e.g., h3lloW0rld!) so that they become easier for you remember but still hard for anyone else who might want access into your phone without permission.

Finally, keep in mind that Google Account Device Passcodes allow users reset forgotten passwords using their linked Google accounts, so don't worry about forgetting yours after setting up something more secure! So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now and enjoy greater peace-of-mind knowing that your data remains safe no matter what happens!

To sum up: upgrading from a simple numerical passcode on your smartphone device is essential if we want our data protected against criminals or hackers looking gain unauthorized access into our devices. An alphanumeric code combined with upper case letters plus symbols adds an extra layer difficulty while also allowing us create memorable yet complex passwords thanks tools like LastPass Password Generator – all while being able to reset them quickly via linked Google account if ever needed be!