Twitter Fixes the Bug That Prevented a Total Logout under Certain Conditions

When you learn that your Twitter password has been compromised, you change it, right? And then you expect that your account will automatically log out on all the devices it’s been active on; otherwise why bother? And suddenly you learn there’s no logout after. Twittered up? Well, Twitter admits there’s been such a bug, but now it’s fixed.

Twitter officially claimed it had fixed the bug at the same time with its admission. Along with the fix, the microblogging service also forcedly logged out all the accounts with passwords recently changed. It turned out that the popular accounts didn’t suffer much from the bug; otherwise, it would have been known before the official post.

Also, Twitter recommends its users to check the controls available in the settings menu and the recent sessions, to make sure no unauthorized sessions have taken place. The users who had been affected by this issue were notified. Twitter admits that this “unfortunately happened”, but only when the problem was taken care of.

It’s quite an unpleasant realization that because of such a bug, your correct measures protecting your privacy may be rendered useless. Now, being aware of this issue (even if you didn’t fall victim to it directly), you may take the question of open sessions more seriously. Probably Twitter managers would agree that a little bit of extra care will do no harm, especially if your account matters a lot.

The cyber defense of Twitter has been questioned recently. Peiter Zatko, a former security chief, admitted that India and China had their agents have access to sensitive user data. And even if not for that, the platform still offered too many opportunities for misusage by malevolent users. Given this, it’s a wonder that the bug in question didn’t cause much ado. Or did it? Have you been affected by this? If so, tell us what you feel about it in the comments!