Telegram Offers Service Without Ads

Are you tired of ads? Telegram has something to offer you through its subscription service. You may disable the pop-up menace just after you sign up for a subscription which Telegram calls inexpensive. On the official channel, Telegram’s CEO has announced the good news.

Many of us are tired of the enormous amount of ads that appear all day in different unexpected places. Telegram is not an exception. Yet, the company has a generous offer, which is the ability to disable annoying ads for a small payment. Pavel Durov has shared that the company is currently working on the most beneficial plan for subscribers. Meanwhile, he did not uncover the numbers. We still don’t know what the price for the absence of the ad will be.

Durov announced that the company is working on the subscription model that will be released in November. Although he did not mention the numbers, he said it will be inexpensive. Instead of watching the ads that support Telegram’s activity, users will be able to pay directly to them, avoiding unwanted content.

The service will allow users to turn off the ads. Meanwhile, Telegram is working on a more advanced economic model to be able to survive on the market. Advertisers will be allowed to place invisible ads to any channel of the messenger. With this new change, Telegram will be able to provide more advanced services to the users. Durov assured that the top priority of the service is still the content from the authors and users. All the plans are under development right now. However, you don’t have to worry in advance, since the ads are usually displayed in the big channels of the services with more than 1000 subscribers. Each ad is limited to 160 characters.
Are you using Telegram? How often do you see the ads? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below.