Sea of Thieves Pre-Orders Have Gone Live on PS5

As Rare's multiplayer pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves, prepares to navigate towards a PS5 release, the game's pre-orders have officially set sail alongside a celebratory launch trailer. Once an unlikely candidate for a cross-platform journey, this Microsoft live service gem is expanding its horizons.

For those eager to dive into this swashbuckling experience, the game has unveiled not only a Standard Edition but also Digital Deluxe and Premium Editions, tagging along with price points of $50 and $60, respectively. The Standard Edition is more modestly priced at $40. The Digital Deluxe Edition promises to enhance your pirate life with a treasure trove of in-game cosmetics and a starting fund of 10,000 gold. Opting for the lavish Premium Edition will arm you with an even greater assortment of exclusive cosmetics and the devoted companionship of a diabolical dog pet alongside everything in the Deluxe package.

To sweeten the deal, pre-ordering any edition awards pirates with a specialized weapon set, stylish outfits, and the unique opportunity to participate in a pre-launch closed beta. Moreover, those setting their sights on the Premium Edition will receive the added privilege of early game access—five days before the worldwide launch—and the Season 12 Blunder Pass without any additional charges.

Mark your calendars for April 30, when Sea of Thieves' PS5 version will weigh anchor, expanding its current reach beyond Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Prepare to set sail on an adventure across the high seas.