RKGK / Rakugaki Launches May 22nd, First Gameplay Revealed

Scheduled for a May 22nd release, RKGK / Rakugaki from Wabisabi Games and Gearbox Publishing promises to invigorate the PC gaming scene with its vibrant graphics and dynamic gameplay, priced at $19.99. In this compelling 3D platformer, players jump into the shoes of Vallah, who aims to restore vibrancy to the grim Cap City.

As gamers navigate through the game, they will utilize a drone to glide across expansive environments, harness the speed of rail grinding, and perform aerial dashes. The ability to link various movement techniques together, combined with using Defacer to enhance one's style, leads to the ultimate goal of tagging a significant landmark.

Stylistically, RKGK / Rakugaki is a nod to the graffiti elements of Jet Set Radio and adopts a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic with a cel-shaded appearance reminiscent of Hi-Fi Rush. As Vallah, players also have the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets, explore diverse pathways, and customize their character's appearance and painting tools.

Throughout their journey, players must confront the imposing robots of B Corp and tackle the formidable Mr. Buff, who has the power to control the minds of the city's residents. Through color, creativity, and action, Vallah's quest is not just a fight for expression but a larger battle to reclaim the soul of Cap City.