Relic Entertainment Lays off 41 Workers Following Sega Split

In a recent development, Relic Entertainment has transitioned back to an independent studio, separating from its former parent company, Sega. This significant change, however, has led to a series of unfortunate events, marking the studio as the latest member of the video game industry to undergo staff layoffs.
Relic Entertainment took to LinkedIn to share the news, expressing that this decision was driven by the need to position the company for survival amidst the fluctuating market landscape. The studio emphasized that the choice to reduce its workforce was tough but necessary, aimed solely at ensuring the company's longevity. They assured that the layoffs were not indicative of the employees' skills, dedication, or character.
To support the affected individuals, Relic Entertainment is providing severance packages, extending benefits, and offering outplacement support. Despite the company's efforts to avoid specifics regarding the extent of the layoffs, Robyn Smale, the studio's external development producer, disclosed in a LinkedIn post that 41 employees were impacted. Smale expressed deep regret over the situation, acknowledging the tumultuous period the company has been undergoing and its inevitable consequences. She extended her sympathies to her colleagues and friends, recognizing the difficulty and distress such separations cause.
Relic Entertainment is renowned for its contribution to the real-time strategy genre, with its most recent endeavor being Company of Heroes 3. The studio boasts a portfolio that includes other notable titles such as Age of Empires 4, the Homeworld series, and the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series. This lays testament to its influential role and legacy in the gaming industry, making the news of layoffs even more poignant.