Palworld Receives New Stability Patch on Xbox and PC

Developer Pocketpair has rolled out an update for the early access title Palworld, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience on Xbox and PC platforms.

Since its early access release, Palworld has captured the attention of Xbox users, given its exclusivity to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as it hasn't landed on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation consoles as of yet. This exclusivity has Xbox gamers enjoying the company of their pals exclusively.

Those on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms may find a silver lining in the absence of Palworld from their systems, considering the game's initial release has been marred by glitches and other performance hiccups that dampen the playability.

Thankfully, Pocketpair is actively addressing these issues, steadily deploying patches aimed at the PC and Xbox iterations of Palworld. The latest of these updates, detailed in a recent posting on Palworld's official social media channels, targets both Xbox and the Microsoft Store PC version, extending improvements to those playing via Game Pass as well.

Specifically, the patch denoted as v0.1.1.2, while scant on explicit details, promises to tackle the game's stability concerns. This likely encompasses a host of reported bugs, including slowdowns that occur in moments of intense on-screen activity.

Pocketpair's commitment to refining Palworld with a consistent flow of patches is noteworthy, especially when compared to the persistent glitches found in titles such as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which have yet to be resolved a year into their lifespan.

With Palworld still amidst its early access phase, players can anticipate a continued cadence of updates and fixes. Given the game's expansive nature and the developers' plans to add even more content, it may be some time before Palworld reaches a fully polished state.