Navigate the Brutal World of The Last Of Us 2: Essential Beginner Tips for Survival

Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us Part 2 is an experience that is as emotionally gripping as it is challenging. Players must tread carefully through a narrative that is as much about internal conflict as it is about external threats. For those new to the series or revisiting it with the remastered edition, here are 10 beginner tips that are pivotal to not just making it through the game but truly embracing the journey of Ellie's fraught path through vengeance, redemption, and survival.

1. Harness the Chaos: Let Infected Clash with Other Foes

The Last Of Us Part 2 game screen

One of the most effective strategies for conserving resources in The Last Of Us Part 2 is to use the environment to your advantage. In situations where human foes and the Infected cross paths, take a step back and let them engage each other. This not only saves your precious ammunition but can often result in a significantly reduced number of adversaries for you to contend with. Watch from the shadows, plan your next move, and proceed when the moment is right.

2. Conserve to Survive: Ammo and Melee Weapons

Ammunition and durable melee weapons are rare commodities in this treacherous world. Use stealth to your advantage and engage in direct combat only when necessary. This approach not only keeps you safer but ensures that you have the means to defend yourself during critical moments. Remember, a single bullet or a sturdy weapon could be the difference between life and desolation.

3. Scour the World: Scavenge Relentlessly

The world of The Last Of Us Part 2 is littered with supplies hidden in every nook and cranny. Be thorough in your search; open every drawer, every door, and search every fallen adversary. The materials you find are crucial for crafting essential items on the fly, and the scarcity of resources on harder difficulties amplifies the importance of scavenging. Keep your inventory stocked, and you'll navigate challenges with greater ease.

4. Tactical Use of Distractions: Molotovs and Bottles

using Molotovs and Bottles in game

Molotov cocktails and glass bottles are two of the most versatile tools at your disposal. Bottles can be thrown to create a distraction or to direct enemies into traps. Molotovs, meanwhile, can eliminate groups of Infected swiftly or block off an area to funnel enemies into a more manageable position. Mastering these tools will greatly enhance your tactical options in hairy situations.

5. Accessibility is Key: Use the Options

The Last Of Us Part 2 sets a high standard for accessibility, offering a plethora of options to tailor the gaming experience to your needs. From automatic pick-up options, which ensure you never overlook critical items, to enhanced listening modes that heighten your awareness of nearby threats, make use of these settings. They not only make the game more approachable but can be a boon for those aiming to fully immerse themselves in this stark world.

6. Craft with Purpose: Save Ingredients

On your journey, you'll gather ingredients for crafting, but resist the temptation to use them immediately. Saving your materials until you absolutely need to craft something is a crucial strategy. Whether it's a life-saving Health Kit or a Molotov to clear an area, the ability to craft in a pinch can be your salvation.

7. Weapon Upgrades: Prioritize Damage and Stability

Weapon Upgrades in game

Throughout your travels, you'll find workbenches where you can upgrade your weapons. With limited resources, it's wise to focus on enhancing damage and stability first. These upgrades will give you the edge in combat, allowing for more effective engagements and ensuring that when you do have to shoot, each shot counts.

8. Supplements: Choose Upgrades Wisely

Ellie's abilities can be enhanced with supplements found throughout the game. You won't be able to max out every skill in a single playthrough, so prioritize the skills that align with your playstyle. For many, the Precision tree is invaluable, providing upgrades that improve health and listening abilities, culminating in the Endure skill, which can be a literal game-changer.

9. Exploration Pays Off: Investigate Every Open Area

While The Last Of Us Part 2 is largely a linear experience, it does feature expansive areas that beg to be explored. Delve into these open environments to uncover items and secrets that can greatly assist you down the line. Don't rush through; take your time to soak in the details and collect the rewards of your curiosity.

10. Stealth is Your Friend: Avoid Combat When You Can

Stealth in gameplay

While Ellie is capable in a fight, avoiding combat can often be the best approach. Use stealth to move undetected, learn enemy patterns, and choose the most opportune moments to move forward. Patience can be a powerful ally in The Last Of Us Part 2, keeping you out of harm's way and preserving your resources for when they're needed most.

As you step into Ellie's shoes in the remastered edition of The Last Of Us Part 2, remember that survival is about more than just making it to the next checkpoint. It's about making smart decisions, using resources wisely, and understanding the world around you. These ten tips are your starting point, a foundation upon which you can build a playstyle that suits you best. Embrace the challenge, immerse yourself in the story, and above all, keep your wits about you. In this world, every choice counts, and with these strategies in mind, you stand a much better chance of seeing Ellie's journey through to its poignant conclusion.