Mystery Bug in Overwatch 2 Changes Battletags to Streamer Mode Without Warning

Fans of the popular first-person shooter Overwatch 2 were left scratching their heads after a recent maintenance update resulted in some users changing their usernames for seemingly no reason. Even worse, one unlucky player was hit with an inexplicable - 75 percent XP penalty. With no explanation as to what caused the issue, confusion has been rampant amongst game fans.

After some digging around online and on Reddit, it appears that the cause might be related to “streamer mode” being enabled on players’ accounts without any warning or indication from Blizzard. Streamers typically use this mode to avoid stream snipers while they are playing online and broadcasting their gameplay. It seems that this setting had somehow been switched on for some players during the maintenance update, resulting in them having a nonsensical battletag instead of their normal username.

Thankfully this can easily be reversed by simply heading into your options menu and disabling streamer mode. However it remains unclear why this bug found its way into the game and why it is causing such strange effects for specific users. As of yet there has been no official statement from Blizzard about this issue, so we will have to wait and see if more details emerge about what exactly happened here over time or if everything just gets swept under the rug like so many other glitches before it does when it comes to video games these days.

There also hasn’t been any word yet as to whether those who were affected by this glitch will receive any kind of compensation from Blizzard for having encountered such a bizarre error while playing Overwatch 2 but given how quickly these issues tend to get resolved without much fanfare at all chances are slim we will ever hear anything officially regarding compensation either way unfortunately.

In conclusion, Overwatch 2 fans recently experienced an unexpected bug where certain user accounts had “streamer mode” enabled without warning, which resulted in them receiving a nonsensical battletag instead of their usual username, as well as potential penalties depending on what type of account you have with Blizzard Entertainment's services overall. Thankfully, most people seem able to reverse these changes pretty easily themselves, but there remains uncertainty about what caused all this chaos in the first place or whether those affected will receive any compensation moving forward too sadly enough though time will tell, I suppose!