Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's AI Begs for Mercy During Raids

Gone are the days when Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord NPCs simply stood around waiting to be conquered. As the game is updated, a fan project with a goal to humanize the AI has taken a turn for the intriguing, as the AI now begs for its life during a raid. Modder Bloc has created a completely new system for the game, one that does not use the ChatGPT algorithm as previously proposed but instead relies on the AI’s knowledge of the game world and its ability to tolerate intimidation and violence.

This recent mod, entitled More Raiding, introduces a new level of interaction between the player and the NPCs during raids. In the video, the player speaks in an internet-standard, relatively civilized manner, but this is only to appease YouTube censors. It is worth noting that AI is remarkably tolerant of such language in order to prove its knowledge of the game world. The AI is aware of the player’s previous invasions and reacts accordingly.

Apart from changes to NPC dialogue, More Raiding also offers improved behavior of villagers during raids, as well as updated effects of raiding on the game map. The mod, which is currently in the process of being tweaked, is expected to be released soon to the public.

As innovative and exciting as Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord modding is, it’s quite reassuring that the AI isn’t going to revolt and take over the game. At least not anytime soon. The modder’s goal is to bring a new level of realism and emotion to the game without taking anything away from the intense strategy. Time will tell how AI will evolve in this world and what other features the modder can introduce.