Introducing Hyrule: 32-Player Breath of the Wild Experience

The Legend of Zelda series is renowned for its excellent single-player adventures, but now fans have the chance to enjoy the world of Hyrule with up to 32 players thanks to modders who have brought multiplayer to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was back in November 2021 when YouTuber PointCrow offered a challenge, offering $10,000 as a reward for anyone who could bring BOTW multiplayer into reality. After years of working on this monumental task, it has finally been done, and people are enjoying this unique experience.

The added multiplayer component brings an entirely new dimension to Breath Of The Wild that had never been seen before in any game from this series. Players can team up and tackle some difficult battles against enemies or just explore together and take in all that Hyrule has to offer. The mod also allows players to make use of their own custom skins and items, giving them more control over their characters than ever before. As well as being able to battle monsters with friends online through local co-op mode or online servers, players can also compete against one another by playing mini-games like hide & seek or racing around Hyrule trying to collect Rupees as quickly as possible. All these features give gamers hours upon hours of fun-filled entertainment that will no doubt keep them coming back more time after time.

Furthermore, this latest development in terms of mods adds yet another layer to what makes Breath Of The Wild one of the best experiences available on Nintendo Switch today (as well as many other systems). This new addition further cements its legacy amongst gaming greats such as Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which were both released around the same time but didn't quite capture gamers' imaginations like BOTW did with its open-world adventure setting full exploration options which you now get even better with your friends!

Not only does this add life to an already popular title (which won multiple Game Of The Year awards), but it's sure to be a big draw card when Nintendo releases Tears Of Kingdom later this 2023 year – let's hope they have taken notes from these modders and added their own version!


Modders have breathed new life into Breath Of The Wild by adding an exciting new feature – multiplayer - that allows up to 32 people to play at once! While originally designed for single-player fun, by introducing multiplayer options, it has become even more appealing due to those looking for something different from traditional Zelda titles; plus, competitive elements allow gamers to test each other's skills while exploring various parts within Hyrule together! Hopefully, we'll get to see similar features implemented officially soon enough so everyone can join in on all sorts of crazy adventures throughout the wonderful world Link calls home.