Halo Infinite continues to grow in popularity, surpassing Destiny 2 on Xbox

Halo Infinite initially attracted a vast number of players but soon saw a decline due to 343 Industries' failure to provide the necessary support for a major live-service title and the delay of essential features. This led to an exodus of players from the game. 

However, as games like No Man's Sky, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Cyberpunk 2077 have demonstrated, a flawed release can be rectified with hard work. With the launch of Forge tools and Season 5: Reckoning, Halo Infinite appears to be on the path to recovery. This is evidenced by the game's increasing popularity on Steam, and according to Windows Central, the Xbox version has also begun to attract more players.

Interestingly, Halo Infinite has now surpassed Destiny 2 on the most-played charts for Xbox in the United States. Considering that Destiny 2 was created by Bungie, the original creator of the Halo franchise, this is likely a gratifying achievement for 343 Industries.

However, with Halo Infinite currently ranking 16th on the chart, there's still plenty of room for improvement. Nonetheless, it appears that Master Chief's latest adventure is moving in the right direction