Genshin Impact Unveils Chiori as New Geo Vision Bearer in Upcoming Update

Genshin Impact, the widely acclaimed RPG by HoYoverse, is set to welcome a new character, the Inazuma seamstress Chiori, with the release of its Version 4.5 update. As fans await the excitement of Version 4.4, which is poised to introduce the highly anticipated five-star character Xianyun and the four-star entrant Gaming, the realm of Teyvat is already buzzing with details of the next big addition.

The recent "Roses and Muskets" event in Version 4.3 introduced players to Chiori, a figure who had been fueling speculation amongst the game's community. Making her in-game debut, Chiori is depicted as the proprietor of Inazuma's Chioriya Boutique. Her storyline sees her journeying to Fontaine to assist Xavier, a recurring non-playable character, with his cinematic endeavor. While her presence in the game has been limited to the narrative thus far, speculation has long suggested her imminent role as a new Geo vision wielder.

HoYoverse has taken to their usual drip-feed marketing strategy to officially confirm Chiori as the latest five-star character to grace Genshin Impact. Her introduction has been stylized, endowing her with the moniker "Thundering Seamstress" and defining her role as the leading figure of her boutique. With this announcement, the whispers about her elemental affiliation have also been affirmed, casting her as the second Geo element addition amidst the ongoing Fontaine cycle. Fans can look forward to meeting Chiori in the game starting March 13th, the expected launch date of Version 4.5.

The particulars of Chiori's combat style are still a mystery from the official sources. However, leaked information points to her being a formidable sub-DPS character. Her specialization is said to involve the use of Geo puppets, delivering persistent damage even while off-field. These puppets, interestingly, will not be typical Geo constructs within the game's mechanics. Chiori's Elemental Burst is also rumored to unleash a potent array of burst damage. She is poised to synergize effectively with characters who can generate Geo constructs, such as Zhongli and Geo Traveler.

Chiori's entry into the world of Genshin Impact is a vital step in enriching the game's scantily represented Geo element. Navia's debut during Version 4.3 ended a nearly two-year drought of new Geo characters since Yun Jin's addition in January 2022. Among the game's fanbase, there has been a consensus that the Geo element could benefit from a revamp. With the introduction of both Chiori and Navia, hope abounds that these characters will elevate the stature and strategic use of Geo within the game's expansive universe.