Word Free Time
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Word Free Time review

Word Free Time is an app for iOS that is a timed word game. This game is available for purchase on the App Store, and is not free. However, the app does offer a free trial with the option to buy the full version. This game can be played with one or two players, and is designed for both adults and children. This game is also designed to be played without an internet connection, and can be played anywhere.


Gameplay consists of three parts. The first part is a timed word game which is played with three rounds. The second part is a timed word game that is played with two rounds. The third part is a puzzle game that is played with three rounds. Word Free Time is a word game with a timer. The goal in the game is to copy the given letters to form a word before the timer runs out. It is possible to copy letters and letters that are not in the word, but doing so will result in a game over.


The graphics are simple, but not very colorful. The game is designed in a cartoonish style, and the backgrounds are brown and plain. The graphics are not exceptional, but they are not bad. The colors are bright and easy to see. There are also 3 different backgrounds to choose from.


There are not many features to this game, and the gameplay is simple. This game is not a game that is played for years, and is not one that many people will play for more than a few months.


The best thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere, and without an internet connection. This game is not designed for people who want a challenging word game, but is designed to keep children occupied. This game is not very diverse, and there are not many different games to choose from.


  • This game is a great way to keep children occupied
  • This game is designed to be played without an internet connection, and can be played anywhere
  • This game offers a free trial before committing to a purchase
  • Players can play with two players, which can be entertaining for children
  • The voice recognition is accurate, which is helpful for children
  • This game is designed for adults and children, so the difficulty level can be adjusted
  • The game is designed with a timer, which can keep people on task


  • The game is not very challenging, which may not be entertaining for adults
  • The graphics are not very colorful or detailed
  • The game does not have many features, which may not be appealing to some people
  • The sound effects are not very realistic
  • The game is not designed to be played by more than one person
  • This game is not very diverse, and there are not many different games to choose from
  • There is some lag in the game, which can be frustrating

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 10

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